Quality Policy

The primary objective of ROLLODYNAMIKI – STAMOULIS IOANNIS is to provide products of high standards, so that the products offered by it satisfy the customer’s requirements.

In order to ensure the implementation of the above Quality Policy, ROLLODYNAMIKI – STAMOULIS IOANNIS developed and implements a Quality Management System, which includes all its functions, in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.


Through this System, our Company has committed to its customers for the following:

• To behave with honesty, consistency and respect to its customers.
• To offer value to its customers, through the level of services it offers.
• To focus her attention on her customers, directly examining their complaints, but also anticipating their wishes and demands.
• To invest in the training and improvement of its human resources.
• To encourage and motivate the creativity of its employees.
• To continuously improve the quality of its products and services with the active participation of its employees.
• To continuously improve the performance of its operation by making better use of its resources.
• To modernize its organization to respond to changes in the environment.
• To improve its performance by penetrating new markets.
• To follow and use standard methods of control and certification of its services.
• To invest in new technologies

Based on the above, every employee in the company undertakes, by making use of the training provided to him and the means made available to him, to observe the Procedures of the Quality Management System and to contribute to its continuous improvement.
The Quality Policy is applied at all stages of production and service provision and is reviewed whenever deemed necessary. It is available to the public and all relevant interested parties

Finally, it is considered necessary to emphasize that the company fully complies with National and Community legislation.

The General Manager of ROLLODYNAMIKI – STAMOULIS IOANNIS supports and supervises the effective implementation of the Quality Management System and signs this Quality Policy.

Stamoulis Ioannis Koropi, 22/10/2021